Maniboo Nail Spa Firenze

A dream called Maniboo

Did you ever take a travel and come back home with a dream? We did!

During a coast to coast trip, from New York to Los Angeles, even better Malibu, was born the idea to open a Nail Spa in Florence. How to call it? We wanted a name that would remembered us that wonderful place in California, but in the same way was a combination of feelings, colors, images and stories…

Peakaboo! That’s the word that better fits our idea. A sorprise, a word game that goes beyond the game itself, where hands and their gestures became leasing actors. Maniboo is a place dedicated to the beauty, aesthetics and wellness, where women can meet with friends to do a beauty treatment. This is an idea derived from the ancient bath, and today returns in a society focused on beauty and socialization.

Maniboo is not just a nail spa but is a living room for chat and relax, where you can have a manicure while drinking a tea, a coffee, or even an aperitif with friends. The atmosphere is warm and relaxed but at the same time sophisticated and elegant. The space of the first room is enveloping thans to its oval shape. The decor is soft and intentionally round shaped. Every detail is designed in round shape, from the window at the entrance to the lamps that fall from the the ceiling like snowflakes. The color palette is grey, pink and plum. The ceiling is designed to be lowered in the pedicure area, in order to create a more private and intimate atmosphere. You can spend some time flipping through a magazine, watching a movie, or relax listening to good music.

Each location is designed with a compartment for your handbag, a power outlet to recharge your smartphone and to feel as comfortable as possible.