Aesthetic Oncology Services

estetica oncologicaAmong the challenges and difficulties faced by an oncology patient, changes occurring physical appereances have a relevant place, inevitable consequence of surgical, chemotherapy and radiotherapy therapies; ss it may seem strange that in the list of things to do, an appointment at the beauty salon may be what your doctor ordered.

Hair loss, paleness, dark circles, weight gain or weight loss, skin rushes, are some of the major signs of the disease, which represent a continuous reference to the condition of the sufferers and which can cause patients a progressively lose of their own woman’s identity.

In the era of personalized medicine, also the dedicated oncological aesthetic treatments, strictly executed by specifically-trained staff, become an important support: the new frontier of oncological aesthetics is born, the purpose of which is not to treat the patient but to take care of it in aesthetic and psychological terms, providing them with a support to face the difficult implications of the disease.

skin and its appendages lead many patients to give up the beautician for they know not where to turn. Building a trust relationship that secures each client’s privacy, knowing cancer, therapies, and consequent side effects, recognizing suspected skin neoformats that need dermatological advice, are the basics to begin achieving a better quality of life. Specific non-invasive aesthetic treatments specially studied for cancer patients, dermocosmetic and make-up consultants to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the face are the best way to increase self-esteem with the certainty of benefiting from totally safe interventions.

Maniboo offers its clients anticancer treatments for skin diagnosis, personalized facials treatments, corrective make-ups (camouflage, eyebrow correction), dermocosmetic consultations, hands and feet treatments avoiding the use of trunks and using enamels free of formaldehyde, toluene and camphor.

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